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About Us

My name is Rose. Growing up in different continents around the world, I was shaped by a mix of Indian, African, European and North American influences. My Indian heritage was my greatest influence whether it was during family occasions sitting around the table with my parents, uncles, aunts and cousins, eating elaborate meals with exotic spices. Or my mother making a simple home-cooked meal, made more delicious with the use of ginger and turmeric. Being passionate about health and an ardent foodie, I wanted to bring together all these elements.

Why the name brand Esme + Sita? At school in the UK, my good friend Esmeralda introduced me to the world of Organics. We would often visit her uncle’s organic farm in Kent and it made quite a life-altering and lasting impression on me. The whole organic movement awakened my spirit. Later in life, after finishing school, on my travels in India I met Sita, an ardent practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine and she once again influenced me greatly and gave me a deeper understanding of this way of life. Sita is short for Sitara, which means Morning Star and Esmeralda, or Esme for short means Emerald. I wanted to honour these two women who had influenced me and thought that their names represented a great East and West combination of what I wanted to do with our company.

Esme + Sita started off life as a distributor of high quality, organic Ayurvedic products, made in Canada. People are always searching for alternative health modalities and with Yoga’s popularity in the West, we thought people would be interested in Yoga’s sister branch of Ayurveda (Eye-yoor-veda).  It means “The Science of Life” and it’s India’s holistic health system from 5000 years ago. Its’ philosophy is all about using natural plants, herbs and fruits to help prevent disease. When your constitution is out of sync, that’s when the body is prone to disease.

The foodie in me thought about the health aspect and so after many different concoctions, I created three delicious organic seed bars made with the finest seeds and organic spices and cooked them up with an Ayurvedic twist. We hope you will enjoy snacking on our Organic Honey Turmeric bars, Organic Honey Moringa bars and Organic Honey Ginger bars. I have been very transparent and passionate that there are no additives or preservatives in our products. Totally natural and great to eat any time.

Along with our bars, we also offer the finest Organic Turmeric Powder and Organic Moringa Powder. Turmeric is known for it’s healing properties as an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial spice. Moringa is a super food and a botanical multi-vitamin, a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, containing a significant amount of vitamin A, C, and E, calcium, potassium, and protein. As for Ginger, it’s known as a “hot” spice packing a punch with it’s wonderful zing. It’s good for digestion, inflammation and cold and flu relief. These powders are great in power shakes and smoothies, soups and teas.

Over the next few months and years we will be adding other products while establishing and maintaining the highest standards of quality.

I must thank the team at George Brown College's Food Innovation and Research Studio (FIRSt). They worked with me to develop these nutritional bars and I found them invaluable. 

I must mention my other half, Mohamed. While I am the creative one, he’s the business brains behind me with a wealth of knowledge advice and successful business experience.

We hope you will enjoy Esme + Sita organic seed bars and organic powders.

To your health,