Holy Basil- An immune Booster

The strong and attractive smell of holy basil (also known as Tulsi) made the ancient Hindus think that it was related to the gods who received it gladly. Cooking it is considered an absolute offense, but eating its raw leaves and making tea with them is not only permitted but highly regarded as a medicinal practice.

Science started corroborating what Hindus knew centuries ago: that holy basil is, in fact, an adaptogen, in other words, a plant that helps the cells in the body to deal with stress and come to a balance against the external factors that can alter our health. Some of its alleged properties are to boost your brain, providing the necessary tranquility to focus and analyze problems. Ayurvedic healers claim that holy basil is very good at protecting our bodies from the harsh effects of radiation coming from our computers or TV sets. It also stabilizes our stomachs after eating some foods that have strong effects on us and makes us less vulnerable to colds and respiratory problems. It’s an all-round immune booster. Holy basil has been called “medicine for the healthy” because its primary use is to prevent illness.

In your path to health and open consciousness, holy basil can be a very useful tool. You may find out that it works as a boost to your creativity and wellness. At Esme and Sita you can order it online as a tea which comes in natural flavour or in lemon/ginger or cinnamon flavour.

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