Ayurveda Teas

Ayurveda medicine is an ancient practice rooted in India. It bases its practice on the knowledge of the energies that rule the body and the relationships between the physical, intellectual and spiritual components of a person. The Ayurveda tradition teaches us that when the energies are unbalanced our health is compromised. In order to keep them in equilibrium, we need to have a healthy diet, have a fair amount of physical activity and meditate.

Herbs and fruits, coming directly from nature, have the power to give balance to the energies in our body and one of the best ways to take them to make this happen are as teas. Ayurveda & organic teas are different combinations of herbs that act directly on your dosha (body type according to Ayurveda) to help you enhance your positive characteristics and to give you a boost to what you are missing at the moment: tranquility, good sleep, good digestion.

Identify your dosha and then order your tea online at Esme and Sita.

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