While Canadians have become used to warnings about the dangers of consuming too much fat or salt, nutrition labels on food have never included recommended daily limits specifically for sugar.

Emerging research suggests that sugar may be linked to deadly diseases, ranging from diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Canada’s current food labelling regulations make it tough for Canadians to get an easy picture of how much of the sweet substance they are consuming

Health Canada does not have a recommended limit for how much sugar Canadians should consume in a day. According to Statistics Canada, the average Canadian consumes 26 teaspoons of sugar per day. That works out to 40 kilograms per year —– or 20 bags.

While neither the Canadian nor U.S. governments has a recommended daily limit for sugar consumption, one major U.S. medical group is recommending people cut back on the sweet substance. The American Heart Association is suggesting men consume no more than nine teaspoons a day. For women, the recommendation is a maximum of six teaspoons.

The incidence of Diabetes has gone up significantly in the last decade. About 10 million Canadians live with diabetes and 20 Canadians are diagnosed with it every hour of every day. That’s a shocking statistic!

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