Holy Basil is a tropical plant, originally from India that has been grown in that part of the world for more than 3000 years. Ayurvedic medicine experts know Holy Basil (or Tulsi, it’s original name) as the Incomparable One, because of its extraordinary ability to relieve stress and anxiety. It has been well-documented in allopathic medicine that the chemical composition of it helps the body to adapt to stress and external emotional pressure. While stressful situations in our modern lives seem to be unavoidable, nature provides us with the proper tool to fight back, making us more resilient to fulfilling the tasks of our contemporary environment.

However, helping us to cope with stress is not the only benefit that we can get from Holy Basil. This herb has very well-recorded benefits as an immune booster, meaning that our defenses against sickness can be enhanced when we have this herb in our diet. Having the proper doses of Tulsi before winter time, or whenever a person knows that they are going to be undergoing surgery, for instance, helps the body to grow stronger and avoid infections. Respiratory problems and contagion are also very effectively lowered by its health-giving properties. Buy Holy Basil online with Esme & Sita and start enjoying the benefits of a stronger immune system.